Professional Coaching

Start your Coaching session with a Master/Challenger player who is available 24/7 to help coach your way to victory. Treat yourself to guidance from the Pros, have all your questions answered, and improve your gameplay to reach the rating you deserve.

Hours of Coaching:

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Examples of the knowledge our Master/Challenger Coaches will offer you in your lessons:

  • Champion Analysis: its role, skill mechanics, synergies, counter picks and tricks
  • Micro: positioning, farming, skill timing and cooldown control
  • Macro: timer control, mini map control and vision, analysis and comprehension of key points on the map, game phases, etc…
  • Runes, masteries, builds and skill order for every champion
  • Tier 1 champions (best for carrying Solo-Q) and list of counterpicks
  • Replay Analysis
  • Practice Together
  • Practice VS the Coach
  • Live Spectating of Games
  • How to avoid enemy jungler ganks
  • Where and when to gank
  • When to push your lane, when to freeze it
  • How to trade with your laning opponent efficiently
  • And even how to destroy the champions that counter you!
  • Our Master/Challenger coaches will teach you everything you need to know to kick your opponent’s ass and get the rating you deserve.
Service available for North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, Turkey and Oceania!

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